Porsche Track Experience at Herb Chambers Porsche

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Porsche Track Experience
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As a Porsche Owner, Or A Porsche Enthusiast, you gain access to different tracks and Porsche Experience Centers across the country with facilities located in California, Georgia, and Alabama. The Porsche Track Experience (PTX) is unlike any other driving course you've seen before. With sixteen thrilling and challenging turns, your pulse will surely rise behind the wheel of a stunning new Porsche sports car. What's more, with over two miles of pristine racetrack and over 800 acres dedicated to motorsports, the Porsche Track Experience is your once and a lifetime playground. Hone your driving skills step by step through this unique course designed with sophisticated programs to exceed expectations. And if you have questions about the Porsche Track Experience or would like to sign up at one of its world-class facilities, contact our Porsche dealer in Boston, MA, today.