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  • Johnny Saghbini
    General Manager

    What is your favorite Porsche model?

    Porsche 911 GT3

    What kind of car do you drive?

    I love driving the beautiful Cayenne Coupe

    How long have you worked in the automotive industry?

    I have been in the Automotive Industry with Herb Chambers for 15 tremendous years, and I look forward to many more.

    What is your favorite thing about Herb?

    Herb's enthusiasm is unlike anything I've seen before. From the way he talks to clients to how he treats his employees; his enthusiasm and eagerness to please really shines through.

    What is your favorite part of working at Herb Chambers?

    No day is like another at Herb Chambers Porsche. I can thank Herb and all my fellow team members for making every day feel fresh and exciting. Herb provides us the tools and resources to make every guest's experience Extraordinary.